How To Custom Glass Wine Bottles

As a glass bottle manufacturer, we come across many customers who need bespoke wine bottle packaging, so today we're here to talk to you in more detail about our bespoke process. Customize your own unique glass packaging with @Glass's glass bottle and jar packaging as well as designers and manufacturing suppliers to ensure your product stands out in the marketplace.

Glass bottles are produced globally, and many of the unique and beautiful bottles are made in France, Italy, and several countries in Eastern Europe. However, these glass bottles can be quite expensive and you can get quality glass bottles customized to your requirements at cheaper or more competitive prices.

Custom glass bottles can be customized not only in terms of bottle shape but also in terms of corks, labels logos, etc. In addition to different shapes, custom glass bottles can also be post-processed in different ways such as painting, printing, hot stamping, engraving, embossing, and so on.

So, what are the steps of our customized service?

1. Tell us what your claims are

We will work with you from the beginning. If you already have an idea for a bespoke bottle, we will consult with you to resolve any obvious issues and take it straight into production. Our design team will investigate your requirements further and will not only generate ideas to suit your original brief, but will also consider viable pricing as well as manufacturing alternatives and improvements to aid production and filling.

2. Providing technical drawings

After the initial design has been finalized, it is time to produce bottle specification drawings to define the measurable characteristics of the bottle whilst adhering to manufacturing constraints. At this stage, we need to validate the technical specifications before production.

Bottle and cap design Dispensing and metering systems Ergonomics and form factors Rapid prototyping. At each stage, we will check with you to ensure that the final result is satisfactory for good communication.

3. 3D Rendering

Once the drawings are approved, we will work out the structural details, detailing all the features. We will digitize and render the new product to get very close to how the final product will look. This is where it really starts to come to life.

4. Factory Supplied Moulds and Sample Bottles

After completing the above series of steps, our products are immediately ready for production. Custom molds will be made in about 15 to 20 days for three to four sample bottles. Sample production takes approximately 5 days. We will ship two free sample glass bottles to you so you can inspect them firsthand. If you like the final sample, this will be considered the standard for mass production; if you want to make some minor changes, which are widely acceptable, we will fix it before proceeding to full production tooling.

5. Mass production

If the samples are finalized, they are ready for mass production. The whole process, from raw materials to quality checks, will be carefully and professionally monitored in order to provide you with bottles of the quality you recognize.

6. On-time delivery

Throughout our supply chain management, consistent on-time delivery is critical to the success of our business. Our warehouse department ensures that your products are fully stocked prior to dispatch. By shipping bottles directly from our own distribution center, we create a link between our customers and our glass bottle factories, making us experts in what's most important to you: on-time delivery.

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