Why do some glass wine bottles have deep concave bases?- @Glass

June 07, 2023

Glass wine bottles are the most common way of wine packaging, and glass wine bottles with deep concave bottoms are also a common bottle type. So, why are some glass wine bottles deeply concave at the bottom? As a factory with more than 20 years of experience in glass wine bottle production, we have a deeper understanding of these designs, so let's discuss them together.

First of all, the glass wine bottle with deep concave bottom looks more beautiful in appearance, and at the same time increases the stability of the wine bottle. Mainly reflected in: the deep concave design at the bottom can lower the center of gravity of the bottle, improve the stability of the bottle, and reduce the risk of the bottle being inverted or tipped over.

Secondly, the design can improve the compression resistance of the bottle, and the deep concave design at the bottom can prevent the bottle from being damaged by external forces during transportation or storage.

However, as a glass wine bottle manufacturer, there are many points that need to be paid attention to during the manufacturing process. For example, the design of the deep concave at the bottom of the glass bottle must consider the stability and pressure resistance of the bottle, and design the appropriate deep concave and angle according to the size and shape of the bottle to make a suitable mold; the production of wine bottles with bottom deep cavity glass requires special Unique glass formula to ensure the strength and stability of the bottle in the deep cavity. At the same time, it is necessary to control the melting temperature and time of the glass to ensure the shape and quality of the glass in the deep indentation; during the production process, the factory conducts inspection and quality control on glass wine bottles with deep depressions at the bottom to ensure that the bottles No bubbles, cracks or other defects in deep depressions.

To sum up, glass wine bottles with deep concave bottoms are not only more beautiful in appearance, but also better in stability and pressure resistance. The @Glass brand has its own team in appearance design, strictly controls the quality and appearance, and strives to make every customer satisfied with the products received.

The fabrics of @Glass  have gone through all the necessary finishing processes. These processes include bleaching, dyeing, printing, heat setting, etc.

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