The glass bottle production workshop is usually divided into several areas such as raw material processing area, melting area, forming area, inspection area and packaging area.


In the raw material processing area, the staff will screen, clean and dry the glass raw materials to ensure that the purity and quality of the raw materials meet the production requirements. The treated raw materials are then sent to the melting area.


In the melting area, the raw material is heated to a high temperature and then melted into liquid glass in the kiln. After a certain period of melting, the liquid glass is poured into the forming machine for forming.


In the forming area, the forming machine injects the liquid glass into the mould, where it is moulded, cooled and unmoulded to form the final shape of the glass bottle. After the forming is completed, the glass bottles are sent to the inspection area by means of a conveyor belt or a robotic arm, for example.


In the inspection area, staff will inspect the glass bottles for quality to ensure that they are free from obvious defects and meet quality standards. The inspection is mainly carried out in terms of appearance, size, capacity and performance f: the glass bottle has no obvious defects such as breakage, bubbles, cracks and abrasions, and the surface should be smooth and even. The size of the glass bottle should meet the requirements of the standard set. According to the volume standard of the glass bottle, the volume is measured using methods such as liquid or gas to ensure that the volume of the glass bottle meets the requirements. For some glass bottles that need to withstand large pressure or temperature changes, physical properties tests are also required, including thermal shock stability, pressure resistance, heat resistance and other aspects. Glass bottles that pass the inspection are sent to the packaging area.


In the packaging area, the glass bottles are processed and then divided, labelled and boxed, resulting in finished glass bottles ready for shipment.

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