Are 3L glass wine dummy bottles customizable?

December 05, 2023
Are 3L glass wine dummy bottles customizable?

3L glass wine dummy bottles are widely used in new product advertising and brand image display.  Are 3L glass dummy bottles customizable? 

As a professional glass wine bottles manufacturer, , our predecessor was a state-owned enterprise established in 1985,we have 39 years of glass bottle manufacturing experience, and we can supply customization servince for all glass bottles, jars, and caps. The bottle sizes can be from 50ml to 6000ml, weight from 50g to 5,000g, top bottle height can be 55cm. We are committed to providing our customers with a full range of glass packaging solutions for their food, beverages, alcohol, health care products, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics, as well as other 3 sectors. Help our customers complete projects and create value through design, manufacturing, procurement, order management, shipping, and after-sales service. 

To customize the 3L glass dummy bottles, we can consider to move forward from the below factors:

1. Glass Bottle Shape Bespoke

Generally the wine bottle shape is Bordeaux bottle shape and Burgundy bottle shape. To make your bottle stand out the shelf, you can design your own glass wine bottle shape. 

2. Glass Bottle Sizes

For a same capacity 3L glass wine bottle, you can customize the height and diameter, such as a tall shape with a small diameter, or a short shape with a big diameter, any sizes available. 

3. Glass Bottle Color

Generally, the glass wine bottle colors are clear, green, dark green, amber, etc. Of course, you can make your own color, such as to paint the glass dummy bottles in Green, Gold, Silver color, etc. 

4. Cork & Closure

The cork can be rubber stopper, natural wood cork, aluminum cap, just based on your requests. The shrink closure also can be customized with your logo printing and color.

5.Logo and Label.

The logo can be printed or laser engraved on the glass dummy bottle, and labels can be wrapped according to your information.


1. Can I leave dummy bottles outside all year round?

While outdoor exposure is possible, it's recommended to consider seasonal conditions and provide proper maintenance to ensure longevity.

2. Are there specific materials recommended for outdoor dummy bottles?

Yes, opt for weather-resistant materials like plastic or treated wood for better durability in outdoor settings.

3. Can dummy bottles withstand rain and moisture?

Choose materials that are resistant to moisture and mold, and consider covering or storing them during heavy rain to maintain their condition.

4. Are there weight considerations for outdoor dummy bottles?

Yes, ensure the dummy bottles have sufficient weight for stability, especially in outdoor settings where wind or other elements may impact them.

5. Can outdoor dummy bottles be used for commercial events?

Absolutely. Outdoor events and parties can benefit from the aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness of dummy bottles for decoration.

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