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August 01, 2023

As a country with a large population, China's huge population base provides the driving force for residents' consumption. Political and economic factors also affect the demand for liquor to varying degrees. The liquor industry has continued to rise steadily in the past 20 years. We will analyze the factors affecting the market size of the liquor industry from both the demand side and the supply side. The demand side is mainly affected by factors such as consumption upgrades, per capita disposable income, birth rate, and population age structure. The supply side is mainly affected by factors such as consumption upgrades, policy influence, and supply concentration.

Since 2020, due to the continuous intensification of the new crown epidemic and environmental protection pressure, as well as the impact of power and production restrictions in some areas, the production cost of glass wine bottle factories has increased significantly. Due to the general increase in cost factors, the price of glass wine bottles has risen .

Glass bottles are mainly used in liquor, beer, whiskey, vodka and other beverage industries. The impact of these industries on the glass wine bottle industry is mainly manifested in market demand. In my country, various beverage wine markets present different competitive characteristics: the production scale of users in industries such as liquor and beer is relatively large, and the wholesale volume of glass wine bottles is relatively large. At the same time, there are high requirements for the scale, qualification and technical level of glass wine bottle manufacturing enterprises. Without rich operating performance, it is difficult to enter this market. This type of industry has targeted glass wine bottle specifications and technical parameters. Requirements for independent research and development capabilities and financial conditions of enterprises are relatively high. Actively embrace the circular economy, create a green and sustainable consumption atmosphere, and contribute to the joint construction of a beautiful earth home.

From the third quarter of 2023, Diageo will launch a recycling program for Johnnie Walker whiskey glass bottles, which will be led by Diageo's popular high-end whiskey brand Johnnie Walker Blue Label. After a series of complete processes, it will be made into drinking water cups to realize resource recycling. These water cups will be used through a variety of channels, including being provided free of charge to commercial partners of ready-to-drink channels (such as restaurants, bars, etc.) as material support, Diageo's future marketing activities (such as World Class ), as well as the daily use of Diageo Greater China Headquarters and local offices.

my country's glass wine bottle manufacturing industry has developed for a long time. The production technology of ordinary wine bottles and other traditional products has been relatively mature. It is the main product in the glass wine bottle manufacturing industry at present, but the current production in the industry can meet high-speed filling. The production capacity of high-end products such as light weight, special shape, etc. is not high, and there are not many glass wine bottle manufacturers who have mastered the relevant production technology.

1. Development prospect of glass wine bottle industry

With the improvement of residents' consumption level and the upgrading of consumption structure, the glass wine bottle industry will still show a long-term positive development momentum in the future. At present, there are still many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. Most of their products are low-end series, and the source of customers is not stable. They largely rely on low prices to occupy market space.

Under the background of small bottles in the beer industry and the popularization of rice wine consumption, the market demand for high-end products in downstream industries continues to increase, resulting in a market situation of insufficient supply of high-end glass wine bottle products. Therefore, high-end glass wine bottles are the current glass wine bottle industry. important market opportunity.

2. Market demand of glass wine bottle industry

Although glass products are constantly being replaced, they are still indispensable in our lives. As long as we continue to develop and develop new appearances, new products can be better developed and serve better our life. From the perspective of downstream customer demand, the application of glass packaging containers in the downstream manufacturing of various beverages, food seasonings, chemical reagents and other daily necessities is relatively mature, and its unique packaging attributes have laid a good market foundation.

Leading wine bottle manufacturers in the same industry have begun to use printed glass bottles, lightweight or disposable glass bottles as the first choice for product packaging. Compared with new wine in old bottles, new wine in new bottles has increased production costs, but It is of great benefit to the improvement of product grade. Users who pursue high quality will be more inclined to this high-end product, and the high-end market is still very large.

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