Potential safety hazards and preventive measures in the production process of glass bottles

July 25, 2023

As a glass bottle factory, based on years of production experience, we face some safety hazards in the production process of glass bottles, which will cause damage to workers and the environment, how do we avoid them. Glass bottle manufacturers need to take active measures to ensure the safety of the production process.

1. Potential safety hazards

Hazards of chemicals: In the production process of glass wine bottles, commonly used chemicals include acids, alkalis, solvents, etc. These chemicals may cause harm to the health of workers. Workers can be exposed to chemicals if they do not receive adequate safety training or do not wear protective equipment.

The danger of high temperatures: The production of glass wine bottles requires the use of high-temperature furnaces, which are often at temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if a malfunction occurs during the production process or the equipment is damaged, it may cause accidents such as fire or explosion.

Production equipment issues: Production equipment is one of the most critical factors in the production process of glass wine bottles. If there are problems or failures in production equipment, it may lead to production interruption or accidents.

Improper operation of workers: Glass wine bottle manufacturing requires the use of some large machines and equipment. If workers do not operate properly, it may cause accidents.

Waste disposal issues: A large amount of solid waste and wastewater are generated during the production of glass wine bottles. If these wastes are not properly disposed of, they may pollute the environment.

2. Preventive measures

Chemical safety management: The production of glass bottles should strictly abide by the chemical storage and use specifications, classify, label and store chemicals, strengthen the safety management of chemicals, and provide workers with chemical safety training to improve workers' safety awareness.

Safety measures for high temperature: During the production of glass wine bottles, the furnace should be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, the emergency plan for fire and explosion should be strengthened, and the emergency handling ability of employees should be improved.

strictly follows the HACCP food safety management standard in every important link of raw material procurement, processing, production, packaging and transportation to ensure the safety and sanitation of .

Safety management of production equipment: Regular inspection and maintenance of production equipment is required to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Old equipment should be replaced in time to reduce the risk of accidents.

Waste disposal: The waste after glass bottle production should formulate a waste disposal plan and dispose of it in accordance with the regulations to reduce the impact on the environment.

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