How does wine bottle manufacturer carry out glass bottle anti-counterfeiting?

July 20, 2023

Glass bottles have gradually become common packaging in daily life, and the anti-counterfeiting technology of glass bottles has attracted more and more attention and has been rapidly applied to the production of daily-use wine bottles. So What are the anti-counterfeiting methods for selling bulk glass liquor bottles?

1. Anti-counterfeiting marks: Oem wine bottle manufacturers can mark anti-counterfeiting marks on the bottle body, such as invisible patterns, color patterns, laser marks, etc. These logos usually require professional equipment to identify them, which can effectively prevent imitation.

1. Barcode anti-counterfeiting technology: The wine bottle factory marks the barcode on the glass bottle during production, and consumers can obtain product information by scanning the barcode to judge the authenticity of the product.

2. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology: mark the two-dimensional code on the glass bottle, and consumers can obtain product information by scanning the two-dimensional code, so as to judge the authenticity of the product. Compared with barcodes, two-dimensional codes have the advantages of large capacity and strong anti-counterfeiting.

3. Laser engraving anti-counterfeiting technology: product information is laser engraved on the surface of the glass bottle, and consumers can judge the authenticity of the product by observing the laser engraved information. Laser engraving anti-counterfeiting technology has the advantages of strong anti-counterfeiting and not easy to be imitated.

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