Custom glass perfume bottle with cap

Customer: Hello, we are a cosmetic company and need some high-quality custom glass bottles for our products, can you provide some customized services?

Company: Thank you very much for your inquiry, we are very happy to provide you with customized services. What does the glass bottle you need look like? Do you have any special request?

Customer: We need some high-transparency, high-quality glass bottles, and we can customize the shape and size of the glass bottle, as well as the design of the bottle mouth. In addition, we hope that the bottle can be printed with our brand logo.

Company: Very good, we can provide glass bottles that meet your requirements. For transparency and texture, we can use high borosilicate glass material, which has very good transparency and texture and also has very good heat resistance and chemical resistance, which is very suitable for cosmetic packaging. For the shape and size, we can customize it according to your requirements. You can provide detailed design drawings or samples, and we will produce them according to your requirements. For the design of the bottle mouth, we can provide a variety of bottle mouth designs to meet your different needs. We can further communicate the specific details and gradually implement the final plan. Finally, the glass bottle body can be personalized and printed with your brand logo to enhance brand recognition. 

Customer: Thank you very much for your careful answer. How about your product price and delivery cycle?

Company: Our product prices and lead times will be based on your specific requirements. Generally speaking, the price of high borosilicate glass bottle is higher, but it also has better performance and quality, we will make a reasonable quotation for the price according to your order quantity and other needs. The delivery cycle will also be determined according to your order quantity and requirements. We will arrange production and delivery as soon as possible to ensure that your needs are met.

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