What's difference of soda-lime glass and high borosilicate glass?

July 04, 2023

Soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass are two types of glass with different properties and uses, and are usually suitable for different glass wine bottles, water glasses, candle holders, cosmetics, medical glass products, etc.

Soda-lime glass is the most common type of wine bottle supplier and is used in a variety of applications including wine bottles and tableware. It consists of silica, soda and lime and is relatively cheap to produce. Soda-lime glass has good optical clarity and can be easily tinted or patterned, but it is not as durable as other types of glass and is more prone to cracking or shattering under certain conditions.

On the other hand, high borosilicate glass is a type of glass that has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance compared to soda lime glass. Composed of silica, boron oxide, and other minor components, it is used in a range of applications where durability, heat and chemical resistance are important, such as laboratory glassware, cookware and lighting products. Borosilicate glass can withstand rapid changes in temperature without cracking and is highly resistant to chemicals, making it a popular choice for use in laboratory and industrial settings.

Overall, the main difference between soda lime glass and borosilicate glass is their composition and resulting properties. Soda-lime glass is more commonly used and less expensive but is less durable and less heat and chemical-resistant. Borosilicate glass, while more expensive, offers superior durability, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, making it a better choice for applications where these properties are valued.

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