High borosilicate glass bottle use scene introduction

June 28, 2023

@Glass, high borosilicate glass bottles are more advanced and unique than ordinary glass bottles. Due to its unique material properties, it is widely used in various fields.

1. Cosmetics industry

High borosilicate glass bottle is one of the most commonly used packagings in the cosmetics industry. Compared with ordinary glass bottles, high borosilicate has higher transparency and corrosion resistance, which can protect the ingredients of cosmetics from being oxidized or decomposed. shelf life of cosmetics. In addition, it can prevent the ingredients in cosmetics from being contaminated, ensuring the quality and safety of cosmetics.

2. Pharmaceutical industry

Drugs usually need to be stored for a long time, and high borosilicate glass bottles can provide better protection performance and maintain the stability and effectiveness of drugs.

3. Food industry

Some high-end edible oils, sauces, preserves and other products need to be packaged in bottles with certain transparency, corrosion resistance and airtightness to avoid oxidation and deterioration. Although the price of high borosilicate is much higher than that of ordinary glass, it has a more advanced appearance and higher transparency.

4. Laboratory

High borosilicate has better chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Therefore, laboratories usually use high borosilicate glass bottles to store and transport various chemical reagents, solutions and samples. In addition, high borosilicate glass bottles can also be used to store high-temperature and high-pressure substances, and their heat resistance is very good.

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