What kind of cork we need to choose for glass bottles?

Glass cork is a common wine bottle sealing tool, which has multiple functions such as protecting the quality of wine products, preventing oxidation and evaporation, and increasing product life.


1. Protect the quality of wine products

The main function of the glass cork is to protect the quality of the wine in the bottle. Glass corks are usually made of high-quality natural cork or glass materials, which have good sealing properties and can effectively prevent oxidation and evaporation. In the case of a long storage time, glass corks can keep the fresh taste and aroma of wine products, and ensure the quality and taste of wine products.

2. Prevent oxidation and evaporation

The product stands out for its high machining productivity. It can operate 24/7 if desired. It only stops working when it requires maintenance or repair.

Alcoholic products contain a large amount of organic matter, which is easily oxidized and evaporated, affecting its quality and taste. The glass stopper can effectively prevent the entry of oxygen and moisture, thereby reducing the possibility of oxidation and evaporation. This can not only protect the quality and taste of wine products but also prolong the life of wine products.

3. Increase product life

Because of its sealing performance and anti-evaporation function, glass corks can effectively prolong the life of wine products. If alcohol products are exposed to the air, they are easily affected by the external environment, resulting in acidification and deterioration. The use of glass corks can prevent this from happening, thus prolonging the shelf life and service life of wine products.

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