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Glass wine bottles can not only be used to hold liquids, but also can be used to decorate the wall. Many people will set up wine cabinets when decorating their houses, filled with various wine bottles. In addition, this kind of decoration will be used in some afternoon teas, coffee shops, etc.

Glass bottles can be used as wall decorations to

 add to the atmosphere of the bar

When customers walk into the coffee shop, they are attracted by a variety of wine bottles. They are not transparent glossy glass bottles, but various DIY designs are made on the surface to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Some of these bottles contain a variety of brightly colored fruit juices, while others are darker and contain a variety of wines and spirits.

On the bar counter of the coffee shop, some unique wine bottles are also placed. These bottles contain various concocted cocktails, their colorful and very inviting. These bottles also have different labels on the caps, showing the name and ingredients of the wine. These wine bottles placed on the bar counter not only play a decorative role, but also allow coffee shop customers to appreciate their beautiful appearance while tasting delicious drinks.


Empty glass wine bottles can be more 

unique through diy graffiti

In the corner of this coffee shop, one wall has been used as a wine bottle display wall. This wall is full of wine bottles of various sizes, shapes and colors. In front of this wine bottle display wall, customers can take pictures at will, or curiously observe the shape and color of each wine bottle, and feel this coffee shop The unique atmosphere and the decoration of these wine bottles have become one of the characteristics of this bar. Many customers come to consume to take pictures.

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