How to ensure that glass bottle packaging can be transported safely

June 13, 2023

In recent years, glass bottles, as an environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging material, have attracted more and more attention. The production and packaging process of glass bottles is also a link that requires high attention and meticulous operation. As a glass bottle manufacturer, in the production process of glass bottles, we strictly control every link, and each link requires fine operation and strict control to ensure the quality and stability of glass bottles.

After the glass bottle production is complete, it needs to be packaged and packaged. Generally speaking, the packaging and packaging of glass bottles also need to go through multiple links. First of all, glass bottles need to be cleaned and disinfected to ensure the hygiene and safety of glass bottles. Subsequently, the glass bottles need to be sorted, counted, and packaged so that they are not damaged during transportation. So how do we pack it?

There is no secondary processing for empty glass bottles, as long as the glass bottles are not damaged during transportation and there is no pollution in the glass bottles, the customer's requirements can be met. Therefore, the packaging method of glass bare bottles is relatively simple. Use ordinary paper grids to separate the glass bottles and pack them in ordinary cartons or put the light bottles on PP boards. Then for glass bottles with post-processing and decorative patterns on the surface, we need special packaging. Because the weight of glass bottles is generally heavy, most glass bottle manufacturers pack each glass bottle in a PE bag separately and then put it into a carton with a grid. But sometimes, as a glass manufacturer, we hope that customers will be more satisfied with the product quality when they receive it. After years of packaging experience, we found that the packaging method of the PE foam grid can better meet the quality requirements. Considering the packaging cost, some manufacturers have found that the packaging method of laminated paper can also meet the quality requirements.

During the packaging and packaging of glass bottles, special attention needs to be paid to the safety of the packaging. Glass bottles are fragile items that can easily break or be damaged if they are shaken or squeezed during transport and storage. Therefore, when packaging and packaging, it is necessary to use suitable packaging materials and technologies to ensure the safety and stability of glass bottles.

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