Our glass bottles and jars are widely used in food and beverage industries

Glass bottles can usually be used to store various food and beverages, such as juice, honey, salad dressing, condiments, beer, wine, etc. The glass containers produced by the @Glass brand are all made of high-quality glass, which is food-grade glass, which will not release harmful substances during the process of holding liquids and can maintain the freshness and nutritional value of food and beverages.

1. Used to hold food: not only can hold solids, such as coffee beans, soybeans, seasonings, etc.; it can also hold liquids, such as soy sauce, honey, vinegar, etc. We will equip each glassware with a corresponding airtight glass jar to ensure that the food will not deteriorate or drip during transportation and storage.

2. Used to hold beverages: Compared with plastic, glass is more environmentally friendly, healthy, bright and shiny in appearance, and looks more textured. It is suitable for holding various juices, milk, whiskey, vodka, etc.

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