Do you know how to check the quality of glass bottle? | @Glass

March 27, 2023

There are several factors to consider when checking the quality of a glass bottle:


1. Thickness: Hold the bottle up to a light source and observe the thickness of the glass. Good quality bottles should have a consistent and uniform thickness, with no visible cracks or chips.

2. Clarity: A high-quality glass bottle should have a clear and transparent appearance, free from any bubbles or blemishes.

3. Finish: The finish of the bottle should be smooth and even, with no rough spots, bubbles, or ridges.

4. Seams: Look for seams along the sides of the bottle. High-quality bottles should have smooth, even seams with no rough spots, cracks, or chips.

5. Weight: A good quality glass bottle should have a substantial weight and feel sturdy in your hand.

6. Consistency: Check that the bottle is uniform in shape and size and that there are no deviations in the dimensions or shape of the bottle.

7. Sound: Tap the bottle gently with your finger or a hard object. A high-quality glass bottle should produce a clear, ringing sound, while a low-quality bottle may produce a dull or muffled sound.


It's important to remember that not all glass bottles are created equal and that some bottles may be specifically designed for certain uses (such as high-temperature or chemical resistance), and may have different quality standards. 


@Glass, we can supply the different quality glass bottles according to customers’ filling requests, also we can supply the fitted cork, cap, and other closures.


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