why should the wine be packed into a dark glass bottle?

February 13, 2023

Wine is typically packaged in dark glass bottles for several reasons:

1.Light protection: Light, particularly UV light, can have a detrimental effect on wine. The dark glass helps to protect the wine from light damage, which can cause it to spoil or change in flavor and aroma.

2.Preservation of quality: The dark glass helps to preserve the wine's quality by reducing the amount of oxygen that comes into contact with the wine. Oxygen can cause wine to deteriorate over time and affect its flavor and aroma.

3.Temperature regulation: The dark glass helps to regulate the temperature of the wine by reducing the amount of heat that is absorbed or lost. This can help to maintain the wine's optimal storage temperature and prevent spoilage.

4.Aesthetics: Dark glass bottles are often seen as more elegant and sophisticated than lighter colored glass bottles, making them a popular choice for premium and high-end wines.

Overall, the use of dark glass bottles helps to protect the quality and flavor of wine, while also providing a stylish and practical packaging solution.

@Glass, the China top glass manufacturer since 1985, supply the dark green, amber, black, and other painted glass bottles for wine packing.

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